What is a Reputable Breeder?
A few guidelines for choosing a reputable breeder. Buyer Beware!!
A reputable breeder:
Takes responsible care of all of his or her dogs (breeding stock &
puppies), and provides:
a) Companionship, affection, interaction & attention
b) Nutritious quality dog food & fresh clean water
c) Immunization
d) Proper vet care
e) Parasite prevention/treatment
f) Grooming
– Belongs to a national (and/or local) breed club.
-Abides by their breed club’s Code of Ethics.
-Tests their breeding stock for any congenital diseases, conditions (ie: hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, retinal dysplasia, etc.), and strives to
eliminate genetic problems by breeding only sound dogs (shown to be free of any serious physical conditions and/or temperament problems) .
– Only breeds dogs that have excellent temperaments.
– Is very knowledgeable about their breed.
– Has a spay & neuter contract or alters dogs prior to sale
-Offers new puppy owners guidance and support (for the puppy’s entire lifetime).
-NEVER sells puppies to puppy brokers, pet shops or puppy outlets of any kind (including so-called “Kennel Clubs”). Period.**
– Supports or participates in breed rescue work whenever possible..
– Will take back a puppy or dog at any time.

*A reputable breeder wants to know as much about you, your household, your schedule and your ability to properly care for a puppy (throughout its entire